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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Gratitude, Thankfulness, and Indifference Randy Urwiller November 18, 2023 East Texas
The Relationship Between Love and Marriage Randy Urwiller October 28, 2023 East Texas
Unpacking the Feast 2023 Randy Urwiller October 14, 2023 East Texas
Do You Have Any Confessions to Make? Randy Urwiller September 2, 2023 East Texas
Stay the Course to Salvation Randy Urwiller August 12, 2023 East Texas
God Is for Us Randy Urwiller July 1, 2023 East Texas
Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount Randy Urwiller June 3, 2023 East Texas
Pentecost: Be Transformed Randy Urwiller May 28, 2023 East Texas
Commencement 31 A.D. Randy Urwiller May 20, 2023 East Texas
With One Mind and One Mouth Randy Urwiller April 15, 2023 East Texas; Ruston, LA; Texarkana, TX
Let Us Keep the Feast Randy Urwiller April 6, 2023 East Texas
The 14th and 15th of Abib Randy Urwiller March 25, 2023 East Texas
Keeping the Passover Randy Urwiller February 25, 2023 East Texas
The Record We Must Not Keep Randy Urwiller January 28, 2023 East Texas
Keep Walking in the Light Randy Urwiller January 14, 2023 East Texas
Symptoms of a Deteriorating Relationship Randy Urwiller December 31, 2022 East Texas
Revere the Word of God Randy Urwiller December 17, 2022 East Texas
Don't Look Back, Look to God Randy Urwiller November 19, 2022 East Texas
It's Time to Plow and Sow Randy Urwiller October 22, 2022 East Texas
God, Commitment and Family Randy Urwiller October 12, 2022 Branson, Missouri 2022