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Alcoholism can damage families and communities for generations. The battle against alcoholism and its aftermath can be long and difficult, but God is ready and willing to empower those ready to take back control of their lives. These resources can support you on your journey.

(Other supports that may be of help are a therapist, a residential or outpatient treatment center, support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, a pastor, friends or family members.)

  • by Anonymous Author
The title of my story is based on the first of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is stated and described in the AA "Big Book," Alcoholics Anonymous. I'll tell you a little of my story to show how this statement applied to me.
  • by Fred Schatz
As I traveled my highway to addiction, there were certain road signs that, in hindsight, documented my downward spiral. As we progress through my story, I will denote these “signs” with an asterisk (*) .
  • by Larry Walker, Glen White
In the previous two installments of this series, we have identified and described the symptoms of alcoholism. Alcoholism is so widespread that most of us know someone afflicted with the problem.
  • by Larry Walker, Glen White
In the April 1998 issue of New Beginnings we introduced the topic of alcoholism by showing the need for learning more about this widespread problem. Let us now seek to understand the nature of alcoholism and how it differs from alcohol abuse