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  • by Robert H Berendt
So, you want to be in charge? What does that mean? What does God say about leading and ruling over people?
  • by Angie Wilson
Principles of effective Christ-like leadership can be gleaned from the relationship between a horse and its master.
  • by John Elliott
Who we are is not always clear, even to ourselves. Who we want to be is often not clear either, but who we ought to be is another thing altogether.
  • by United Church of God
We all are under the authority of someone else at some point in our life—in school and in work we have someone over us.
  • by Randy Stiver
Questioning authority has been a human activity for a long time. But have you ever wondered just whose authority should be questioned?
  • by Graemme Marshall
Jesus had told the disciples not to abuse authority. So why would He consider a Roman centurion's explanation of authority an example of exceptional faith?