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  • by Mike Bennett
So what are you going to do Saturday night? Another DVD? Another movie? Time to think outside the block, buster!
  • by Amanda Stiver
Almost everyone enjoys seeing a movie on occasion. But how does it affect you? More importantly, how do you decide which ones to see?
  • by Gary Petty
Viewing the suffering around the globe caused by evil leaders is discouraging. Some countries are run by outright drug lords. Others are ruled by leaders who abuse their own people. Saddam Hussein has become a poster boy of the evil tyrant in the 21st century just as Hitler and Stalin were in the 20th. Why would a good God create such evil people?
  • by Bill Bradford
In the wake of the New York and Washington, D.C., suicide bombings, we need to find a plain answer to this great question.
  • by Larry Greider
Young people just want to have fun. But how should we decide what kind of music to listen to and which movies to see?
  • by Scott Ashley
the senseless massacre at Columbine High School is an unnerving reminder of the unease we feel deep inside, the unexpressed fear for our personal safety and security and that of our loved ones. We want life to be predictable and safe. We don't want to fall victim to crime, social unrest, terrorism or that greatest of tragedies, war.