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  • by Katherine Rowland
In today’s world of instant communication so many seem bent on provoking others with emotionally charged language, but the Bible shows a better way.
  • by Clyde Kilough
Humanity is heading down its own perilous road toward a far more serious type of bankruptcy.
  • by Randy Stiver
Like a perfect rose blooming in a pockmarked battlefield is the fine art of true dating. Most of what you've learned about dating in popular culture is like the battlefield. Want to keep your emotions, body and spirit flying safely above the bombs bursting in air? Then read on!
  • by Bruce Gore
Whether our Feast destination is a hundred miles away or 10,000, each of us represents God and a part of His end-time work to those we come in contact with.
  • by Donald Ward, Steven Wood
Are we giving proper attention to physical details in preparing for God's Sabbaths?