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God's Promises

  • by Darris McNeely
The campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” catapulted candidate Donald Trump into the world’s most powerful office. Yet, though diminished in recent years, America is already great in important respects—but for how long?
  • by Gary Petty

God promises to give Christians who overcome the ultimate reward—eternal...

  • by Gary Petty

What do you do when you face trials? When you are struggling, claim this...

  • by Gary Petty

Another one of God's promises involves forgiveness. Are you claiming it?...

  • by Gary Petty

When you feel discouraged, remembering God's promises can help you turn a...

  • by United News
The news and my initial response left me feeling as though I had been knocked off my feet by a tsunami. Waves of stifling emotions washed over me. It seemed as though the familiar terrain I had previously defined as our family had been erased.
  • by Roc Corbett
It’s interesting that some of our most focused and poignant thoughts and prayers come at those times of greatest stress in our lives. A friend who recently went through a painful health trial focused on the promises of the future.
  • by Janet Treadway
Does life seem unfair to you? Would you like to know one sure way to overcome problems and trials?
  • by Skip Miller
Abraham came from “Rrr” of the Chaldees—this is how my grandson likes to say it, but there is much more to learn about Abraham than from where he came.
  • by United Church of God
Does God keep His promises and commitments even when humans fail to abide by theirs?
  • by Howard Davis
Small nations like Egypt, Jordan and Libya are found in Bible prophecies of the time of the end. But what about the major English-speaking countries like the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia? Are they absent from Bible prophecy, or do we just not know where to look?
  • by Jim Anderson
Are rainbows just pretty reflections we see in the sky after it rains? Or is there something more to them? God’s creation holds many designs and messages.
  • by Mark Mickelson
God sends hope and comfort in powerful ways--including through us.