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  • by Becky Sweat
When half of all marriages break up in some countries, it's obvious that many couples are in trouble. Sadly, the stress seems to be only increasing from many directions. What are the pressures many husbands and wives face today, and what can they do to manage them to be sure their marriages survive?
  • by Robert H Berendt
Close to God, a leader in the Church, loved by so many—what could bring a man like him to tears?
  • by Graemme Marshall
Our fast-paced world is far removed from the dusty roads Jesus walked in first-century Palestine. Can He really understand our needs and sufferings? Can He empathize with our worries?
  • by John Meakin
Fifty years from the end of World War II, not only Europe but the whole world still needs to be rescued from numerous evil influences. How and from where will that deliverance come?