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  • by United Church of God
God intended that the right to and privilege of worshipping Him and living in His model nation be available to all.
  • by Kayla Rains
How long must you wait for justice—and will the penalty actually be fair?
  • by Tim Rickard
Can people ignore the warning signs of a wrong way of life so long that suddenly it's too late? Can they reach a point of no return spiritually?
  • by David Myers
Mercy is not a word commonly used today and most do not understand it. But mercy is a word that should characterize a Christian and reflect the virtues of God and Jesus Christ.
  • by Meredith Keeney
Someone is doing wrong and you feel like you should do something to correct the situation, but what? Is it our place to do anything at all?
  • by David Treybig
Struggles of conscience over the justification of war have long haunted Christians. How does one make sense of apparently necessary military actions in this modern world?