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  • by Rudy Rangel III, Jamie Schreiber, Jonathan Magee, Jelly, Mark Graham, Zach Hoover

A game of hide and seek quickly turns into a test of Jelly's courage and...

  • by Amanda Stiver
"Teach your kids to play" is the theme of organizations like the Alliance for Childhood.
  • by Debbie Pennington
Being a child does not mean avoiding responsibility. Being childlike does mean approaching life with a joyful attitude.
  • by Erik Jones
Bible prophecy predicts with certainty that in the Kingdom of God child abductions and sexual abuse will not happen—no more Amber Alerts!
  • by Good News
As dual-career parents head to work, they commonly drop off their preschool-aged children at day care facilities—places where employees are among the lowest-paid and least-trained in all industries. Yet parents trust these facilities to take care of their most precious resource—their children.
  • by Mike Bennett
If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, sometimes it seems children are from even farther out. What can parents do to improve interplanetary relations?
  • by Nancy Capo
So now you're a new parent. What adventures and surprises does the next year hold for you, your mate and your child? How can you build a foundation for future family success?
  • by Good News
Former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle and clinical psychologist Diane Medved collaborated on The American Family: Discovering the Values That Make Us Strong (1996). Here are some of their tips for bringing up successful children:
  • by Jerold Aust
Too many parents allow the harmful influences of society to shape their children’s future. Children need good parental attention. What can you do to help your child succeed?
  • by Good News
The major consequences of sex before marriage include the problems of disease, premarital pregnancies, single mothers and fatherless children. Since 1960 in the United States, 'out of wedlock births have skyrocketed 511 percent, and the percentage of single-parent families has more than tripled' (Human Life Review, Spring-Summer 2000).
  • by Good News
Children of divorce often experience the same hardships suffered by children born out of wedlock. Because divorce typically slashes the mother's financial resources, "mothers and children in families that were not poor before separation suffered an average decline in income after divorce of 50 percent" (Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, The Divorce Culture, 1996, p. 93).
  • by Bill Bradford
Is the future of our children left to chance and circumstance? Their future is in your hands more than you think.