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Lisbon Treaty

  • by Paul Kieffer
An old German proverb says that God's millstone turns slowly. Over the years the pace of developments within the European Union has also been slow, but things are changing.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
Newspaper headlines on both sides of the Atlantic heralded the Irish ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. "Ireland's Yes vote creates a more powerful Europe," said the Scotland on Sunday. The New York Times headline even contained prophetic overtones: "Gaining a Powerful Presidency, European Union Seeks a Job Description and a Leader." What is the long-term biblical significance?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
Most Irish citizens simply do not want a European superstate. This is the basic message of Ireland's startling "no" vote on the Lisbon Treaty. But the much more powerful European elites clearly want it very badly! Bible prophecy strongly indicates that forces for federal unification ultimately will prevail in Europe—bringing about a new superpower.
  • by World News
According to The Times, "Fears that Eastern European countries are preparing to follow Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon treaty have increased tensions… The Continent's leaders are refusing to accept that the treaty is dead, despite the dramatic Irish referendum rejection last week, and are determined to persuade the Czechs and the Poles, seen as the two [EU countries] most likely to suspend...