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  • by Robert H Berendt
We humans seem to be afraid to love other people.
  • by Laura Peabody
You have probably known someone close to you who has faced the end of their time on this earth. Maybe you were their caregiver, or perhaps you know of a caregiver who gave all his or her time caring for someone they love who faced this challenging period. It’s a difficult circumstance—lives are changing, and not for the better.
  • by Mario Seiglie
In our mission to preach the gospel and to prepare a people, let us never forget how important it is to exalt that “perfect law of liberty.”
  • by United News
Having grown up in the Church I knew right from wrong. I knew what God expected out of me, but much like the prodigal son, I chose to leave and go out into the world to discover for myself what life was all about.
  • by Steve Nutzman
Children need to see the love of God reflected in their mother and father. Our role model is Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:10), which in turn, we strive to reflect toward our children. Only with God in us, through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, can we reflect His godly image.