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Marriage and Family

Family is the structure of civilization, and healthy family relationships give us security, stability, and happiness. Many of us do not have this experience in our pasts, but it is never too late to build up your family moving forward. Ask for God's blessing in your family and use these resources to work toward a peaceful, happy family.

  • by Becky Sweat
When my friend noted that we had raised “successful adults,” she was might have been thinking about some of the typical measures of success, but she was actually referring to the kind of success—which I’ll refer to as true success—that is described in the Bible.   
  • by Darris McNeely

In direct conflict with the Word of God, the United States Congress is...

  • by Beyond Today Editor
God made us male and female and gave mankind the institution of marriage. He also gave us an instruction manual for sex and marriage so that these might work as He designed to fulfill His purpose.
  • by Beyond Today Editor
God created human beings male and female so that we might enjoy a loving sexual relationship in marriage leading to families. But what is the spiritual significance and purpose God has in mind?