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  • by Scott Hoefker
If God wanted you to constantly use a cell phone, He would have had you born with one glued to your ear. If He wanted you to be on Twitter all the time, He would have "tweeted" you by now. Is our electronic media producing what God intended for communication, or not?
  • by Amanda Stiver
Keep technology appropriate to its place. Don't let it grow out of proportion or obscure your vital lines of communication with God.
  • by David Cobb
The sexual aspects of our hearts, minds and bodies should be jealously protected and saved for only one person—your husband or wife—whether you are married now or still waiting to meet Mr. or Miss Right.
  • by Darris McNeely
Technology is a force multiplier in today's geopolitics. No country, no organization, can expect to compete and grow without proactively harnessing the social power of Web 2.0. To fail in this is to fall behind and risk permanent underclass status.