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  • by John Miller
We tend to “romanticize” the glory of what occurred on this Day of Pentecost without pondering the path that led to it.
  • by Jorge de Campos
Let us keep our great hope—the purpose of why we were born—burning bright in our minds with the help of God’s Holy Spirit. This way we may do what is right and pleasing to God. And this way we might be preserved blameless at the time of Jesus Christ’s return (1 Thessalonians 5:23). 
  • by Darris McNeely
Sometimes even if you're an important and respected leader, you need a push from someone else. And that's okay.
  • by Victor Kubik
Would you like to change your life? Your Creator offers the ultimate change for the better - total transformation to the most rewarding life possible.
  • by Graemme Marshall
God has ordained a witness in creation that illustrates the transformation needed for humans to become spirit.
  • by Roger Foster
God has promised us 1,000 years of peace. Yet human efforts to achieve enduring peace have always failed. Here is the amazing story of how God will usher in a golden age of lasting peace for all mankind.