World News and Trends: Battling over the Ten Commandments

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Battling over the Ten Commandments

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So they are determined to see the Ten Commandments displayed in schools. Indeed a law (with almost no chance of passing) is before Congress to make it a requirement.

But civil-liberty groups and non-Christians are just as determined that this practice come to a halt once and for all. Eventually the Supreme Court will probably rule on the question. In the meantime, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has begun legal proceedings in Kentucky against two counties and one school district that already display the Ten Commandments.

However this question is eventually resolved by the courts, God's law should be taught to everyone—beginning in the home. To better understand how and why these laws are the supreme and ideal guide for human behavior, please request our free booklet The Ten Commandments. (Source: The Guardian [London].)