The Power of the Earth

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The Power of the Earth

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For several weeks in April and May 2010, a little heard of volcano in Iceland called Eyjafjallajökull caused massive disruption throughout Europe and to a lesser degree many other parts of the world.

The volcano produced an ash cloud that spread for thousands of square miles, filling the skies over the United Kingdom and much of Europe. Due to safety concerns over how the ash particles might affect the operation of jet engines, aircraft all over Europe were not allowed to fly and flights coming into the area were cancelled or redirected. For the first time ever U.K. airspace was closed completely.

This volcano is just one of an estimated 1,500+ volcanoes in the world (not including submarine volcanoes, the number of which can't even be estimated). It's not even the largest or most potent volcano in Iceland! The biggest is Askja.

How much power?

So, if one relatively modest volcano can cause this much disruption to international travel, what potential does the rest of the earth have?

We know from history that the power of the earth has often affected the course of mankind. Two of the biggest natural disasters of recent times were the tsunami of December 2004, created by a powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean, and the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti. The exact numbers of people who lost their lives in these tragedies is unknown but estimated to be well over 200,000 from each disaster, possibly many more.

Clearly the earth is an immensely powerful and largely unpredictable place.

When earth trouble comes

Now that we've experienced the difficulties that can be caused by a volcanic ash cloud, will we be able to avoid it occurring again in the future? Probably not.

Scientists are unable to accurately predict how the earth is going to act. When dealing with the immense and awesome power of the earth, we're largely playing a "wait and see" game. When the earth presents us with a problem or disaster, we can only react as best we can.

If natural disasters increase (as Jesus Christ tells us they will in Matthew 24:7), how will the governments of the world react? No doubt, they'll do the best they can. But God tells us that this will be like no other troubled time before: "Unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened" (Matthew 24:22).

Dealing with earth's power

God wants us to realize the great power of this little planet—and His immeasurably larger power as earth's Creator.

God has a purpose for all humans who ever lived. He wants us to see His presence in the creation around us and to come to the knowledge and understanding of it, choosing to submit ourselves to His will by following the footsteps of His Son Jesus Christ.

If we find ourselves stranded abroad due to a volcanic ash cloud, instead of being fearful or frustrated, let's be reminded that as powerful and scary as the earth can be, God is in charge of it all. If we allow Him to work in and direct our lives, He will take care of us and lead us to the ultimate and amazing future that He has planned.

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