Virtual Christian Magazine: January 2008

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  • by David Myers
Mercy is not a word commonly used today and most do not understand it. But mercy is a word that should characterize a Christian and reflect the virtues of God and Jesus Christ.
  • by Robert H Berendt
The popular teaching of evolution reared its ugly head over a century ago. Of all mankind’s efforts to deny the one true God, this was perhaps the most devastating because it robs mankind of a purpose in life and hope for a future.
  • by Robert Nettles
Our lives can be an up-and-down adventure; but just as we make the time for checkups and maintenance on our automobiles, we must also take the time to assess and maintain our prayer lives.
  • by Graemme Marshall
If we live out our natural lives, one thing is sure: We will all get old. It’s a 100 percent certainty with no exceptions other than for those who die prematurely. Aging has its trials, but it also has many benefits.
  • by Louise Owen
There are women who have lived and learned much in their lives—and count their blessings. Here is a thoughtful, almost poetic, message from one of them.