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Reflecting the Roman Catholic perspective that the Kingdom of God is brought about on the earth by the actions of people who have the love of God motivating them, the pope invited an audience of 30,000 to join in bringing about the Kingdom of God in the world.

The invitation was followed a day later with a statement that is viewed as a modification of an earlier, unpopular pronouncement that no one outside of the Roman Catholic Church would find spiritual salvation. In his most recent statement, the pope said that the way of salvation was virtually open to "all of the just on Earth, including those who ignore Christ and his Church [by which the pope meant the Roman Catholic Church]."

Weighing in on one of the hottest current political debates, the pope called recently for globalization of the world's economy. He is reportedly troubled by the self-serving definition of globalization espoused by the wealthier countries and economies of the world, and envisions instead a world without tariffs or quotas. He believes that it is appropriate for the Catholic Church to involve itself in the politics of economics. He sees it as an integral part of bringing the Kingdom of God to the world in the way described above.

It's easy to see how present world conditions could quickly transition into fulfilling the prophecies of Revelation 13 and 17-18.

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