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Sabrina Peabody was born in Jerusalem and grew up living in Jordan, France, and Virginia. As the daughter of a diplomat, she was able to travel all over Europe and various places in the Middle East while living overseas. She enjoys exploring, learning about new cultures and especially delights in tasting the local cuisine.

She went to James Madison University and obtained her B.S. in IDLS with a history focus and completed a minor in early childhood education then went on to get her master's in teaching. She has over three years of teaching experience and enjoys sharing interesting facts. With a love of helping others, deep conversations and discussing the Word of God, she hopes to make a positive difference in this world.

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Chart Your Way on the Road to Eternal Life
Posted January 10, 2012 | 5 comments
Posted February 11, 2011 | 0 comments
by Sabrina Peabody

Severe weather expected. Schools closed. Evacuations. Flooding. Probable life-threatening storm surges. Hurricane Sandy is gaining strength and barreling towards the East Coast.  Already the storm has hit the Caribbean and there are 67 dead includijng 51 in Haiti. Further impact of this storm is likely to be great and far reaching.

Posted October 29, 2012 -
by Sabrina Peabody

Doing household chores can be a major point of tension for a couple, especially when both are working outside the home. How do you cope? If there has been a silent battle on who is going to do a particular chore, view doing your part as an act of love.

Posted July 20, 2012 -
by Sabrina Peabody

Are you “spiritually engaged” as a Christian to your Savior? How do we act when we think of our relationship with Christ?

Posted May 29, 2012 -
by Sabrina Peabody

I am new to this institution called marriage and a novice when it comes to saying and doing all the “right” things in this covenant relationship.

Posted May 10, 2012 -
by Sabrina Peabody

At the start of this day I was definitely not the epitome of rainbows and sunshine. Tired and groggy, I had to force myself out of bed. As I got in the car and began to take my regular route to work, I turned on the radio. Everything changed. At that exact moment a new song began to play. My mind shifted to thinking of how good I have it: God’s graciousness, a loving family and husband, good health, the opportunity to do work that matters, a nice apartment, and the list goes on. Life is good!

Posted December 13, 2011 -
by Sabrina Peabody

In many schools across the United States administrators and teachers are implementing the Responsive Classroom approach. In a Responsive Classroom, a teacher sets up a time for the class to meet together in the day, normally in the morning for what is called “Morning Meeting.”

Posted December 7, 2011 -
by Sabrina Peabody

As a teacher I am to teach core principles to my students such as respect for one another, respect for self, plus respect for property. At the start of each school year, I lead students in a discussion of what they think are important rules and values.

Posted November 22, 2011 -
by Sabrina Peabody

Teaching is not a career for the faint of heart. It is not a job for someone to do 9-5 or even 8-4 as some would believe. It is a way of life that consumes. If you have recently become a teacher or have been put into a position as a teacher to others, you will soon realize that teaching is a complete giving of yourself.

Posted November 15, 2011 -
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