Current Events & Trends: A "new world disorder" stalks humanity

During early autumn a Wall Street Journal editorial stated: "The Obama Presidency has been an era of slowly building tension and disorder that seems likely to flare into larger troubles and perhaps even military conflict no matter who wins in November. This is the bigger picture . . ." ("The New World Disorder," Sept. 13, 2012).

Current Events & Trends: A "new world disorder" stalks humanity

This insightful article focused on the increasing helplessness of America to guide and influence global events. It discussed "a pattern of declining respect for U.S. power and influence." For nearly four years the Obama administration has emphasized the U.S. need to rely more on the United Nations and other countries to deal with world problems. They have been listening!

The Journal article continued: "Across the Arab Spring, the U.S. has done little to shape events and is increasingly irrelevant." Notice just two other examples: "The Chinese have brazenly occupied disputed territories in the South China Sea, hinting at war if the U.S. intercedes on behalf of its Asian allies . . . Most of all, Iran continues its march toward a nuclear weapon," with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declaring that America is "not setting deadlines" for intervention (ibid.).

The erroneous notion that a more deferential United States would gain more global respect looks increasingly hollow. Indeed, as the article’s drophead points out, "as the U.S. retreats, bad actors begin to fill the vacuum" (ibid.).

The Good News has been warning about this unfortunate trend for a number of years. With the fading of American leadership, the world will become an increasingly dangerous place. To understand why these things are happening to America, read our Bible study aid booklet The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy . (Source: The Wall Street Journal. )

david r. lessard

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Yes, the president is paying only "lip service" to the state of Israel and our position as a world power is not evident any longer. The economy is in a tragic mess. People feel helpless to change the situation as Obama is re-elected for another four years. Gas prices are soaring once again. The health care industry is in a shambles. Faith in God is at an all-time low, when it shoud be in the opposite direction.
Pray for this nation.

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