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Raising Moral Children

Find more biblical help on parenting, relationships and more with our Bible study aid Making Life Work.

Society's Steady Slide Into Sexual Immorality

What are the reasons behind God’s laws about premarital and extramarital sex? Read our Bible study aid Making Life Work.

When Will Peace Come to the Middle East?

Request our eye-opening free study guide The Middle East in Bible Prophecy to better understand the meaning behind world events and trends and how they are leading to the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Armageddon: The End of the World?

To learn more about the incredible events that will precede Jesus Christ’s return and the future God has prophesied for humanity, find our free study aids You Can Understand Bible Prophecy, The Book of Revelation Unveiled and The Gospel of the Kingdom.

What Is the Real Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Where is our world headed? How will God deal with our world’s chronic problems? How does that tie in with Jesus Christ’s message? Find the answers in our free Bible study aid Jesus Christ: The Real Story.

An Invitation to Eternity

What does it mean to have faith? The Bible tells us that we are to live by faith, but what does that mean? How did the many figures of the Bible live by faith? Discover the answers in our free study guide You Can Have Living Faith.

Lessons From the Parables: The Smallest of Beginnings

What exactly is the message Jesus Christ taught? He built on the message of the Hebrew prophets before Him of a coming divine Kingdom to be established over the entire world—but also the good news of the purpose of our existence and how we can become part of that Kingdom! Get our free study guide The Gospel of the Kingdom to learn more about this Kingdom and what it means for you!

Are We Living in the "Time of the End?"

To learn much more about prophecies of the end time, including evidence that we are already living in the end time, be sure to request our free study guide Are We Living in the Time of the End?

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Are We Living in the Time of the End?