Letters From Our Readers: May/June 2020

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Letters From Our Readers

May/June 2020

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The Greatest Sacrifice,” March-April 2020 Issue Feedback

Thank you for the articles “The Greatest Sacrifice” and “Plagues on the Horizon?”—particularly in light of the current global situation of COVID-19. People are scared. They are panic buying grocery stock. Some are literally paranoid, walking in public streets wearing masks and armed with spray bottles of antiseptic to ward off anyone coming near them. If people not only read their Bible but also understand it, then there would be no need for this fear.

Subscriber in Gauteng, South Africa


The last two issues of Beyond Today magazine had some of the best articles I have read! Well-written and very educational. I just watched the video of the Beyond Today TVprogram “Will I Go to Heaven?” on YouTube. It’s the best video I’ve ever seen on the subject. I just wish family and friends could see the real truth and stop believing what they have been taught in today’s churches. Thanks so much for the magazine and the great videos. I’m continuing to learn more about the truth of the Bible every day!

From the Internet


I really love your magazines and look forward to when they arrive. The articles are so uplifting and very inspirational. They’re well-researched and always speak to me. I gain insight and reassurance.

Reader from Ontario, Canada


Grateful for Beyond Today and United Church of God

Thank you for enabling me to benefit from the sharing of the Word of God. Your literature gives me insights and understanding of the Bible, in particular about the fate of nations in our own generation. May God continue to bless the hands that provide it free of charge for people to benefit. Thanks.

Subscriber in Nigeria


Please renew my subscription to Beyond Today magazine. It is so well researched and informative—a true blessing to us spiritually. We love it!

From the Internet


I just wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate the booklets and the Bible study course lessons that have been sent to me. I have learned and enjoyed them so much and also have passed them on for other ladies to learn from and enjoy just as I have. Beyond Today is amazing!

From the Internet


I was very excited upon getting your booklets. These are a true blessing. I have barely put them down and am learning so much from them. The Bible, honestly, is very complicated for me. The way your writers break it down is amazing. God has certainly blessed them with an abundance of knowledge and understanding. I thank you for the time your staff takes to publish this literature. It is also a blessing that you distribute it to us for free. You are an answer to my prayers, as I have been praying for a very long time for a way to better understand the Bible. Thank you!

From the Internet


Over the years, I can testify that my spiritual growth has come from the publications from your church organization. In seeking God’s truth, I always look to your organization for guidance above all other church organizations.

From the Internet


From the time I started watching your videos and reading the literature you provide, my spiritual life has greatly improved. I see great truth in your teachings. Thank you for educating me with the wonderful truth, and may God richly bless you.

Reader in Zambia


Finding a body of believers

Beyond Today has changed my way of thinking, and now I watch sermons from your pastors online too. The messages are mind-opening. I’m a Sabbath keeper but have not gone to church for a long time now, and I’m looking for a place to worship on the Sabbath. Many blessings to you all. 

From the Internet


I have been unable to find a suitable church to attend. I watch your television show and was wondering if you have a congregation in my area? 

Viewer in Canada


I would like to know if I have to be a member to attend services with you all? I have had a subscription to Beyond Today for years now. I believe in all you teach. I also would like to be baptized. Thank you very much.

From the Internet

We have congregations all over the world—we hope there’s one near you! Go to UCG.org/congregations to find the one closest to you. There you’ll also see the name and contact information for the pastor to get more information. Visitors are always welcome. We hope to see you soon!