Letters From Our Readers: September/October 2018

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Letters From Our Readers

September/October 2018

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Letters From Our Readers: September/October 2018

MP3 Audio (3.84 MB)

In response to July-August issue

I just received the July-August 2018 issue of Beyond Today magazine. I really liked the articles dealing with evolution and the war against God. I am a creationist and spend much of my time reading scientific articles by creationist organizations. Apologetics is my favorite subject area. My Bible study group is made up of mainly older people who have an excellent understanding of the Bible, but no understanding of apologetics or why it is so necessary to be able to answer the critics or to help our young folks know the truth and how they’re being lied to.

Reader in New York


Grateful for publications

I have the honor to ask your kindness in sending me a printed copy of The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, Arabic version. I will also download it electronically. Thank you.

Reader in Algeria

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for sending me the Beyond Today magazine. It’s a real pleasure to receive. It has been both inspiring and encouraging to me and a real blessing. Thank you for your kindness. The Lord continue to bless you and the ministry in mighty ways.

Subscriber in New Zealand

Greetings! I found the latest edition of Beyond Today very informative, adding to my understanding and challenging my thinking. Every blessing as you continue this ministry.

Subscriber in Australia


Seeking a group of people with whom to worship

Thank you so much for your program. It’s wonderful! Where is your nearest church to me? Thank you very much, God bless you all.

Reader in Australia

I just wanted to tell you how much your magazine has kept me from feeling alone in the world of false religions. Since my childhood my faith in our Heavenly Father has been challenged, but my church at that time was standing right with the Lord’s holy inspired words. It was almost 30 years later that my childhood church turned away from the truth.

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your magazine and broadcasts. It is so refreshing to hear the gospel the way I feel the Lord intends it to be today and forever. God bless you for your outreach and for doing the good works of the Heavenly Father.

From the Internet

I have been doing research and wondering if there is a church that teaches the actual way of the Bible. So far it seems like you are the closest I have found. I do not know how to celebrate Passover or the other Holy Days. I’m trying to live my life as God wants me to live it, and be around the right people that I’m meant to be around, staying away from mankind’s wrong ways. Thank you.

Reader in Kentucky

I’m wondering what kind of church observes the Sabbath and Holy Days. We go to a Baptist church but they celebrate secular pagan holidays. We are desperate to find a church where we can worship with like-minded Christians who observe biblical Holy Days. As Christ’s return approaches, we want to be found living in the way He would have us live. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

From the Internet

We have many congregations in the United States and around the world. You can find a complete list, or search by location, online at ucg.org/congregations. Interested readers may also wish to read our free study guide The Church Jesus Built. We hope to see you soon!


Sending donations as thanks

I have requested quite a few of your study guides, and I would like to give a donation for these. Please advise how I do this. Thank you so much for your work, and God bless you.

From the Internet

Thank you very much; we are excited about this order of literature, as we have been watching your programs on YouTube. We are living in South Africa and would like to know where we could make a donation.

Reader in South Africa

Please accept this donation for a year’s subscription of your magazine. I don’t know how much it actually costs to publish, but I’m sure it’s probably much more. I have learned so much and have been blessed by all of your literature. Thank you all again so much for your materials and how God is using them to reach others. Your magazine provides the history, the politics, the prophecies, and the Bible to back it all up.

From the Internet

We are glad to provide all our material free of charge to any and all who request it, and are glad it’s helpful to you. We are also grateful for any donations to help further spread the gospel to all the world. For others who would like to contribute, you can do so online at ucg.org/donate. Donations can also be sent by mail to the address of the office listed under your country or the country nearest you listed at ucg.org/contact .

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