A War on Men

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A War on Men

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Many people say today’s Western culture is an unrelenting war on men. Is this true? Most often, yes. Here’s a word of advice to ladies: Don’t let yourselves get duped into carrying water for those pushing a feminist agenda. Take control of your life, and plan for your happiness.

Susan Patton, author of the book Marry Smart advocates that young women should begin looking for a man to marry while still in college. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Patton says they shouldn’t let the opportunity pass by thinking that “there will be plenty of time to marry and have children, but first my career!”

“Educated women, if you want children and a good husband you will need to plan your personal happiness in the same way you plan for your business and financial success” (The Wall Street Journal “Opinion,” March 11, 2014). This is Patton’s advice to young women who are not ignoring their biological makeup and needs. Women, she says, are different than men and should reject any feminist agenda that says women can go it alone without a man. The feminist lie says a woman should not aspire to marriage and motherhood. Doing so betrays “the cause.” Feminism says to young women, “You need what we tell you that you need.”

Reviews of Patton’s book indicate her intended audience is getting the message and waking up. They should. Their biological clocks are ticking, and the number of eligible men decreases as their years go by. The feminist myth that a woman does not need a man has caused many women to waste a lot of years.

Ladies, know what you want in life and plan for it–early. We are created male and female not to compete, but to complement. God said in Genesis 2:24, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” This is the way it was designed, and it works best when applied at the right time and in the right way.


  • moretolifethanallaboutyou
    That's because many women had to take on the role of a husband and father because a man couldn't handle raising his family and decided that having affairs with other women were his solution. Maybe the same should go for men... cherish your wife and raise your family and stand strong by your commitments that you made to those people. Not run away because it was hard or that he was engulfed by temptation of other women. If you want your daughters to pick a proper man, you as a father have a major responisiblity in guiding her and one of those ways is to appreciate your wife and all that she does for the family.
  • Preou
    I couldn't agree more. It's true that in many parts of the world today women are still subjected to domestic violence and men need to address this issue separately, but in the west, women have believed they can have and do it all, without men. Women have cut themselves off from what we were created to be and as a result Men have trouble knowing what a leader looks like in the family home and what the kind of husband who leaves a legacy to the following generations of his family looks like, and women moan about where are all the Godly men gone? Men need to feel comfortable and respected for wanting to learn Godly leadership, especially within the family.
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