"I Don't Feel Like It"

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"I Don't Feel Like It"

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Have you ever heard the words “I don’t feel like it”—or used them yourself? Somehow we seem to have slipped into thinking that if we do not feel good, we are off the hook for doing something that is good.

One of the first rules of achievement is that you do not have to feel good in order to do something good. Ask any mother who is exhausted—that is, exhausted until she hears the cry of her baby. She may not feel like responding, but she will every time. Mothers prove the point that feeling good is not a prerequisite for doing what is good. Achievement and accomplishment are reached by rolling up our sleeves and working. Forget about not being in the mood or not having the ambition. That will result in things not getting done at all. Excuses are just that—excuses. They are usually an explanation for failure.

In life there will be many times when we will not "feel like it." That has little to do with doing it. When a job needs doing or someone needs a little help, then that should be the motivation for doing what is needed. When something good needs doing—just do it!

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