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  • by Anonymous Author
God’s way of life is healing! God heals us through many avenues—through His Word and learning to live by it, and through His people.
  • by John LaBissoniere
Having been with Jesus Christ throughout His ministry, His original 12 apostles became deeply saddened when He told them He would be going away. But what awesome event turned their sorrow into joy? And what should that singular occurrence mean for us today?
  • by Peter Eddington
Recent archaeological findings regarding an altar and curse tablet corroborate the Bible’s record of the Israelites’ entry into the Holy Land as a people in covenant with God.

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Pamela J. Bartholomew (Dunipace, Utt)'s picture Pamela J. Barth... said:
Thank you for the different series to prepare for the Holy Days and for the greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit sure to come during Jacob's Trouble
2 weeks 14 hours ago in Power to Change: Part 3: The Spirit of Love

Joseph W Myrick said:
Very inspiring message
2 weeks 2 days ago in The Path to Pentecost: The Great Commission - Part 5