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Beyond Today - Newsmax Ads

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Beyond Today - Newsmax Ads


Most church members are aware that the regular Beyond Today program (the 30 minute one) is no longer being broadcast on the Newsmax cable channel.  It was discontinued when that station had a change in programming direction.  However, the church has since that time broadcast a series of shorter ads that run slightly less than 2 minutes.  These targeted ads spotlight a specific subject and run several times during the day.

If you have not had the occasion to see one of these, click on the link below to see an example of what our Beyond Today short ads are like (then click the arrow in the bottom left of the picture - next to 0.00 - to start running the ad). 

United Church of God TV Commercial, 'Predictions of the End of the World' -

Please pray about the success of this new effort by the church to preach the Gospel.