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World News and Trends: Children who don't know their own names

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Children who don't know their own names

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In some cases they don't even realize they have a name. The principal blame has been laid on parents who spend too much time on the Internet and watching television. They do not communicate with their children. One mother said, "My child doesn't speak to me, so I don't speak to my child."

As The Daily Telegraph reported, "More than a million [British] youngsters—around two to three in each classroom throughout the country—suffer from speech, language and communication difficulties, according to the charity The Communication Trust" (Murray Wardrop, "New Pupils Who Don't Even Know Their Name" July 29, 2011).

Other tragic consequences abound because of a serious lack of parental responsibility toward their small children. One disturbing spinoff would be that "almost 900 children are suspended from school every day for attacking or verbally abusing their teachers and classmates, new figures show" ("Unruly Lessons: 900 Suspensions Every Day," July 29, 2011).

The United Church of God addresses proper childrearing methods in its free booklet Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension. (Source: The Daily Telegraph, The Independent [both London].)

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