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What booklets are available in audio format?

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What booklets are available in audio format?

The following Bible study aid booklets are available to listen to MP3 audio format.

Managing Your Finances
The Gospel of the Kingdom 
Tools for Spiritual Growth
What Does the Bible Teach About Clean and Unclean Meats?
What Is Your Destiny?

Go to the booklet pages above and click on the "Downloads" button to download a zipped audio folder of all the MP3 files to your local computer. Unzip the folder and listen to each audio file or add them to your mobile player.

In the website, you can also listen to the individual chapters in these booklets by clicking on the "Listen" button.

We are in the process of recording additional audio booklets and we will be adding more to the list above as our media team completes each booklet.

If you use an iOS device (Apple iPad or iPhone), you can listen to or download the audio via our iTunes audiobook podcast. Search "United Church of God" in iTunes and locate each audiobook available.

Screenshot of iTunes showing audiobook.