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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report: Crown Point, Tobago

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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Crown Point, Tobago

God supplied warm and pleasant weather throughout the Feast. The special music selections and the hymns were very inspiring. This year, on the Eighth Day, the offertory music was done differently. It was a hymn titled “Be Now My Vision” (hymn number 139 in the UCG Hymnal), which was performed by a quintet.

Messages were most inspiring. We heard messages titled “God’s Great Plan,” “The Main Quality to Rule,” “Judge in Becoming Kings and Priests,” “The Age of Restoration,” “Living With the Love of God Forever.” In addition to these messages we were honored to have an interactive Bible study on the Friday before the regular Sabbath during the Feast.

We were also taught that “Christianity Is Not a Spectator’s World” but that we should “Fear God and Keep His Commandments.”

The entire Feast was peaceful, harmonious and service-oriented, which truly added meaning to the festival.

A few of our local dishes were prepared by the ladies of the local congregation and were served buffet style at our Trinbago entertainment night. There was live steel pan entertainment and performances by members of the local congregation. 

Family day was held at Canoe Bay. A game of cricket and balancing a bottle of water on a plate added to the afternoon’s excitement. Another activity included was a fun and fellowship afternoon at Pigeon Point Beach.

The Feast this year was a wonderful, spiritual and physical foretaste of God’s coming Kingdom.