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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Sunshine Coast, Australia

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Sunshine Coast, Australia

This was a pure beach experience with most accommodations on the beachfront or within a few minutes walk.

Plenty of cafes and restaurants provided quick snacks or great dining experiences. The weather was perfect this year as usual. Many took the opportunity to walk along the pristine beaches.

Each day our services provided enlightening and powerful messages about God’s great plan to produce children for all eternity. They certainly captured God’s purpose and were continually commented on during the Feast. We felt an intimacy with the mind of God in these clear messages. 

Our activities were well attended—brethren wanted to be with each other and share their personal walk with God. A special mention goes to Mark Graham, composer of a number of our hymns, who teamed up with Geoff Robertson to present a tribute to John Denver with their rendition of Denver’s songs. These two musicians contributed magnificently to the whole Feast with memorable special music.

This is our 12th year at this location, and all is going well. We will be back there next year and the foreseeable future.