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2018 Camp Report: Mexico

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2018 Camp Report


Camp was held at the miraculously-provided Seventh Day Adventist camp called Rio de Janeiro located by the small town of Pichucalco, Chiapas, and set right in the jungle. Towering almond trees and coconut palms shade the soccer field. There was also a pool, a covered volleyball court/auditorium, and a basketball court. The incredibly intense green beauty of the landscape kept us in awe.

The theme this year was Nivel Dios, or “God Level.” We focused on God’s goal for us that we would be on His level and would become like Him. We talked about where we are currently as humans, our potential as spirit beings, how God asks us to demonstrate our commitment now, and recognized that we cannot do it alone. We absolutely need His mercy through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in order to reach the God level.

Each day, activities included delicious meals prepared by the hard-working kitchen staff, an object lesson, Bible class, sports and team activities. Wednesday we went to a nature reserve called Saraguato, which included entry/exit on a zipline, a rappel down a waterfall, and a guided tour of the mountain and the caverns cut by a sulfur spring that makes the rivers run a milky-blue color. Wherever we went, God’s diverse and beautiful creation was mind-blowing.

Friday afternoon, as campers reflected on their experience at camp, over and over they appreciated the team activities that allowed them to get to know each other better, and shared what they learned from the Bible classes and the object lessons that preceded them.

Sunday morning we packed up, said good-bye and headed back home. Many of us are counting the days until the Feast, which will be the first opportunity to see each other again. Others are just overwhelmingly thankful for the opportunity they had to meet brethren, who, due to the bureaucratic challenges of international travel, it is very unlikely they will ever see again in this life. All of us are very blessed by our shared confidence that we will see each other again when God welcomes us to the God level as part of His spiritual family.