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2018 Camp Report: Northwest Camp

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2018 Camp Report

Northwest Camp

Campers came from six international areas and 22 states. Transportation was a challenge as we needed to transport 74 campers and staff to the Portland airport after camp! 

The staff was impressed with the maturity and dedication of the campers this year. While much of the country was experiencing record heat, camp was on the cool side with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 

Campers learned all week about God’s vision for them as the principles in the Christian living lessons were put into practice. Skill building and challenges are part of all the activities—water skiing, volleyball, pickleball, softball, speed-a-way, archery, kayaking and dance. Paul and Gayle Wilson of Chinook Pass Outfitters provided horseback riding with 18 horses and two mules. Our staff of “wranglers” assisting the Wilsons included Cristine Goethals, Jeannie Williams and Kathleen Kelly.

In arts and crafts, Roc Corbett had each of the campers individually make decorated tiles that fit together to make a mosaic of the “lion, lamb and child” scene of Isaiah 11:6. Keith Tomes and Leeann Holladay taught an “Excellence in Living” class this year, encouraging campers to make the right life choices in order to avoid pitfalls and to experience the excellent life that our Creator wants for us.

Aaron and Michelle Dean and Phil and Sarah Aust also served as ministerial staff this year. Mr. Dean and Mr. Aust taught Christian living classes and drove ski boats; Mrs. Dean helped in arts and crafts, and Mrs. Aust worked in volleyball. 

After lunch campers had 45 minutes of “horizontal time”—time to relax in their dorms, rest, work on memory scriptures, etc. Even the older boys dorms expressed appreciation for this rest time!

Thursday evening we enjoyed a waterfront ride on the Oregon Coastal Scenic train to Garibaldi and back. The operators of the train come down to the crossing near camp to let us board. The train is drawn by a 1925 Steam Engine and the engine and cars have changed little in almost a century. The campers always rate the train ride as a highlight of the week.

At campfire the seniors gave a short talk about what being a part of camp has meant to them and helped them draw closer to God. Those encouraging words make all of the hard work and sacrifice worthwhile.