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2018 Camp Report: San Gil de Campo

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2018 Camp Report

San Gil de Campo

There were 14 campers, and seven staff from Colombia and the United States who came to have fun and to learn how to live with a vision for the future!

Campers and staff traveled by bus to Hotel San Gil del Campo, which is a former monastery. It affords a peaceful and tranquil location with vistas of mountains and valleys covered with a variety of green vegetation and wildlife.

Campers and staff stayed in hotel rooms that housed three or four people, and we all ate together in the dining hall that provided three freshly prepared meals each day. We started each day with a spiritual “compass check,” and ended each day with a Christian living class or other Bible activity. Using this year’s UYC theme of “God’s Vision for You” kept us focused on what we all desired to learn while at camp. Building bonds of friendship with our spiritual family was a huge part of camp.

Two of our most popular activities returned again this year—the Bible skit activity and the Amazing Race. A new activity was added this year—rock painting. All campers went on a scavenger hunt on the first day of camp to find a rock to be used later. From pebbles to small melon size, campers and staff painted their rocks with various words, designs and scenery. Everyone had a great time and requested to have a similar activity next year.

Fútbol (soccer) is very popular at camp, part of one afternoon was spent watching Colombia play Poland during the World Cup in the hotel lobby. Many wore their Colombian jerseys to show support! Other activities enjoyed this year were swimming and learning to swing dance. 

During Sabbath services, camper Ronaldo Medina led songs and gave the announcements. Using and focusing on the theme, staff members David Sierra and Colombian assistant pastor Jaime Salek gave the messages. After the Sabbath, everyone enjoyed an evening of dancing.

Camp afforded the campers the opportunity to spend quality time together in peace and safety. Everybody developed strong bonds of friendship and spiritual growth. On the last day, many campers shared how they were going to put the camp theme into practice in short two to three-minute speeches. The camp director then encouraged everyone to “remember the camp themes,” and to “live your story!” between now and next year’s camp.”