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Bible Study Guides Web Site Launched

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Bible Study Guides Web Site Launched

So far, 22 lessons have been posted, with dozens more in the works.

These short, practical online lessons are designed to deal with questions and challenges people face in life. For example:

How can I deal with difficult people?

How can I deal with unemployment?

What are some good online Bible study tools?

Why does God allow good people to suffer?

"The Bible is a unique book full of inspiration, wisdom and practical answers," said Mike Bennett, United Church of God editorial content manager. "We want these lessons to be relevant, engaging and life-changing."

The plan is to not only have this material available to Web searchers (to increase first-time Web visitors) but also to create an interactive course that will allow students to be able to test themselves, receive feedback and keep track of their progress toward certificates. This will help increase Web visitor loyalty and the percentage of students who complete the course.

The site is frequently updated with new material, and so students are encouraged to sign up for the brand-new Bible Study Guides e-mail newsletter. E-mail subscribers will receive updates about all the new lessons, as well as other relevant Bible study material the Bible Study Guides team posts.

We welcome suggestions for future lessons or for improving the lessons. UN