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Columbia Maryland Chili Cook-off

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Columbia Maryland Chili Cook-off

On Saturday evening, March 4, there were 13 pots of chili entered for the chili cook-off. The congregation had tables full of rice, cornbread and green salads, as well as a table filled with fixings to top their bowl of chili. If anyone had a sweet tooth there were plenty of desserts to go around.

To change things up a bit, instead of having a select few judges to decide who the winners of the cook-off were, the whole congregation from 8 years old to the older generation of seniors cast their ballot for the chili they felt was their favorite. The three categories in the cook-off were “best flavor,” “best consistency,” and “most like mom’s,” and there were certificates and prizes for the three winners!

The evening was filled with meaningful fellowship and a delicious chili meal!