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Family Study Guides Now Available: Making God Real Series

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Family Study Guides Now Available

Making God Real Series

The 2020-21 youth instruction curriculum will delve into a study of the essential questions in life, using the Making God Real series, featured in the image above. Each month a guide will cover God’s doctrines and the fundamental beliefs of United Church of God. These Family Study Guides are created to help parents review and better understand the basics of God’s doctrines so they then can initiate family discussions on understanding these vital truths. We encourage families to use the portions of the guides that are the most helpful and meaningful to your own family.

The first Making God Real family study guide is ready for your studies. In this family guide, we address the first essential question of life: Does God exist, and where is He? The guide will help your family explain how we know God exists and always has. What does it mean that God is everywhere? While we seek to understand God from the things that He has created, all comparisons are insufficient to entirely understand how great He is (Isaiah 46:5 Isaiah 46:5To whom will you liken me, and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be like?
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