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Feast in Angola

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Feast in Angola

There were seven festival sites, namely in Malanje, Kuanza Sul, Huambo, Bailundo, Bíe, Huila and Cunene, and the total attendance was 1,622 members. Note that a large number of brethren were not able to travel to the festival sites due to the very deep economic crisis affecting the country, causing great hardship, a high level of unemployment, physical illness and other trials. These scattered members kept the Feast in their local congregations, guided by some of the leadership which, due to the same reasons, were not able to travel to the central festival sites.

The main themes highlighted during the Feast in Angola were the meaning of the high days during the Feast, the good news of the Kingdom of God, how to further grow spiritually, the role of families in the Church and in society, how to defend the faith, what the Bible says about tithing, family counselling and other Christian living topics.

All the Angolan brethren send warm Christian greetings to all of United’s brethren around the world.