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Kingdom of God Seminars in Caribbean Draw Interest, Bear Fruit

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Kingdom of God Seminars in Caribbean Draw Interest, Bear Fruit

In Montego Bay, Jamaica, a seminar was held on March 23. This was the second lecture conducted by UCG in Montego Bay. Good Newssubscribers from the surrounding area were invited. Nine new people attended the lecture, which was presented by Chuck Smith, associate pastor for South Florida and Caribbean congregations. The seminar was titled “Who Taught You to Worship?” It included an explanation of why we keep the Sabbath. This topic was chosen after discussion with the local deacon, Carlton Sterling, who introduced the speaker and topic.

On the following Sabbath, March 30, a lecture was held in Kingston, Jamaica. This was UCG’s second seminar in the Kingston area. The total number of new attendees was 28, 19 of which had no prior CoG affiliation. This lecture was once again conducted by Chuck Smith on the same topic of worship and the Sabbath. Anthony Coore, local UCG leader in Kingston, introduced the speaker and topic. A lively question-and-answer session took place afterward, with Anthony and Chuck working together to field the questions.

It is interesting to note in January 2011, UCG in Jamaica had a total of 31 people in two congregations (Ocho Rios and Kingston). Today, there is a third congregation (Montego Bay) and a total of 59 people. Four new people are counseling for baptism.

Also on the Sabbath of March 30, St. Lucia held its fourth seminar. The St. Lucian brethren began laying the groundwork for the seminar about three weeks before the event. Advertisements were placed in two weekend issues of the leading newspaper on the island and invitations were mailed to 270 Good News subscribers. A total of 27 people attended the seminar: six were new attendees, eight were repeat attendees of past lectures, or those attending church off and on, while 13 were members of UCG. The 13 UCG members consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Zimmerman, one visiting member from St. Vincent and another from Dominica. The remaining members were all local St. Lucian. I live in Florida and pastor the south Florida and Caribbean churches. I spoke on living with certainty in uncertain times. Max Victor, a deacon who lives in Dominica, presented the topic “What is the Church?” We were both well aware some visitors had attended the past Bible seminars, and thus were showing some interest in the Church. We tailored our messages towards instructing the attendees about the process of becoming part of God’s Church.

An ongoing strike by government workers over more pay negatively impacted the delivery of the mailed Bible lecture invitations to GN subscribers. Otherwise, attendance would have been even higher.

Let us all pray God will grant the increase according to His will—not only in the Caribbean, but wherever we are planting the seeds.