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Northwest Indiana Winter Socials

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Northwest Indiana Winter Socials

Here is a short overview of the activities we have had this winter.

Elkhart had its first ever bowling night on Jan. 23. Around 30 people of all ages showed up to knock the pins down and enjoy an evening of fellowship.

Game night in Elkhart was on Feb. 27. After a delicious potluck, everyone played their favorite games and spent time together. It was a fun night.

Munster had lots of fun activities going on as well. The 21st annual fun show was held on Saturday night, Jan. 2. A lot of participants shared their skills, from playing the piano to singing, and showed off their funny side with skits and jokes. It was an entertaining show!

Later in the month, Tim and Connie Sipes, from Cincinnati, came up to Munster to host the game show night. Last year, they brought it to Elkhart. It was a hit then, so they made the five-hour trip to Munster to host it again. It was great fun, and we’re all very appreciative to them for bringing all of their equipment up for the social!

Munster’s annual bingo night was held on Feb. 20. Everyone brought some prizes and had some laughs. It was a great night!

It has been a fun season of activities, and we’re all looking forward to more in the coming year!

Emma Cortelyou