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Summer Camp in St. Lucia

This camp will provide the opportunity for some teens to attend camp for the very first time.

This camp would take place on the south end of St. Lucia. It would be a very “outdoor” camp with most activities being in the mountains and in the ocean. We would have an indoor place to sleep, but we would be hiking one of the Pitons for most of a day. It is a “World Heritage” site and something to behold much less reach the top.

We will teach survival skills and learn to eat from the fruits that grow wild on the island. We have access to a boat and want to teach campers to fish for their lunch and dinner. Our local men will teach everyone to clean, prepare and cook food on the shores. There will also be tubing and water sports since a few members have kayaks they will lend us. We will carry a lot of protein bars and nuts for our lunches. The only sit down meals will be breakfast (cassava and cereal and fruit) and dinner.

We have a member who has a vegetable farm who can furnish some of the food and fruits. She will also teach a class on eating in the wild. Of course there would be Bible classes and Bible challenges every day.

The camp will last four full days and take place in late July to early August. Camp St. Lucia would support 14-18 campers coming from St. Lucia, Trinidad and possibly Guyana and Suriname. United Youth Corps volunteers will serve as counselors. It will be unlike any camp we have ever had.

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