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2022 Feast of Tabernacles: Montego Bay, Jamaica

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2022 Feast of Tabernacles

Montego Bay, Jamaica

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What a joy to see so many families this year, as brethren ages 3 months to 94 years celebrated the 2022 Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

This was our second year at the all-inclusive Iberostar Resort, which contains three tiered hotels (Rose Hall Beach, Selection Suites and Grand), located on the same stretch of beach. Services for 402 brethren were held in the Black River Theater with overflow in the nearby Grand Ballroom (both in the Suites hotel).

A split sermon format was used most days, so we received an abundance of spiritual food centered on our theme of Daniel 7:27—the greatness of God’s future everlasting kingdom and the role of His saints. We were also blessed with inspiring special music from visitors and KingsOne (from Kingston). In fact, we had so much talent we scheduled a Friday evening praise and worship hour to include nine selections, followed by a hymn sing.

Activities this Feast included the traditional ladies’ mingle with a gift exchange, widows’ tea, young adults tour/fellowship, teen meet and greet/beach sports/interactive Bible study, festival youth instruction/children’s choir, golf outing and a buffet lunch in small groups on the Eighth Day between services.

Highlights included three weddings: Adrianna Lockhart and Warren Weis (Oct. 8), Trisann Poyser and Oneil Thomas (Oct. 11) and Stacy-Ann Jackson and Trevor Daley (Oct. 13). For our Jamaican brethren, two-day passes gave them the opportunity to enjoy the Beach/Suites properties and attend the Daley wedding.

Thank you to all who donated Bibles, luggage/backpacks, vitamins/food and more to our Families Helping Families program. Our local brethren are very appreciative.

Please join us as we return to this luxurious location in 2023 for our third year!

Alisa Lockhart

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