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God’s Gift of Grace

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God’s Gift of Grace

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This probably wasn’t the “grace” you expected from the title, but we often face the unexpected.

Our wait wasn’t long after being shooed away by the doctor for Crystal to start more serious contractions. We were told to go to the waiting room for an expected hour or two wait at best, only to be called back in after about 10 minutes. The doctor believed her own estimate and wasn’t prepared when the nurses said, “doctor, get back here immediately.” She hardly got her gown on before little Grace made her arrival after about three contractions, with Joe coming close to having to deliver his first child.

I wondered at the glory of God and how he gives us the gift of family and of life. He intended our physical life in so many ways to reflect what he has in store for us. Truly He lets us learn about Him and His plan by allowing us to marry, create a union and truly become one flesh through the birth of children. We get to have the experience of the gift of giving life—just as he will give us eternal life.

Yes, it is the only physical life we give, but it is exactly the type of what He is going to give us when our spiritual development is complete and He sends His Son back to earth as part of His plan to increase His family. Jesus, even as a 12-year-old said to His physical parents, “Do you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?”

Indeed God was Jesus’ Father in His very conception physically when His Spirit impregnated Mary. He was always God’s Son while on earth, and with His resurrection to spirit life He returned to His place in God’s eternal family. The “birth,” better known as the resurrection, happened very quickly.

Only God can give spiritual life, but He gave us the next best thing to understand who He is, how He cares for us, and what He wants for us; gifts that come from having and growing a godly family. 

When we make a covenant with God at baptism, through true repentance, accepting Christ’s sacrifice for our sins and have hands laid on us and receive His Spirit, we are begotten to start our journey. It is a journey in many ways not unlike little Grace’s journey of growth in Crystal’s womb with constant concern and care by her parents. With this spiritual begettal, we also should realize we too must develop and “be about our Father’s business,” and that our “birth” will be instantaneous at Christ’s return. Just as in Grace’s birth, we also do not know exactly when that will be.

Little Grace developed properly and completed her growth to be born on that Thanksgiving Day surrounded by family cheering and loving her. Sadly, many babies today are not wanted, and their journey is stopped through abortion. That is Satan’s society of choice, to stop any hope of a future potential member of God’s family and any understanding of the joys of God’s plan.

Life is a gift, and is God’s greatest desire and blessing for us. I love our God who lets us live the pattern of what he intends for us. The closer we follow God’s plan and His laws of life, love, marriage and family, the better we and our children understand the blessing of physical and spiritual life. Only God can give spiritual life, but He gave us the next best thing to understand who He is, how He cares for us, and what He wants for us—gifts that come from having and growing a godly family.

While the world is trying to destroy the family, we have the opportunity to do it God’s way. It is an uphill battle, but the effort is of immeasurable value. Men and women were created to understand God and the joy He wants for us, with and through the ability to give life. Truly God gives grace in more ways than one. 

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