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Superhumans ROGER GRISWOLD July 25, 2020 Salem, OR
Know Justice, Know Peace Ben Light September 28, 2020 Salem, OR
The Abilene Paradox: Part 1 Ben Light May 13, 2017 Salem, OR; Eugene, OR
A Spiritual Stool Analysis Ben Light February 11, 2017 Salem, OR
Forgive, and You Shall Be Forgiven Ed Emery August 25, 2018 Salem, OR
Gleaning the Lessons From Ruth Ben Light June 9, 2019 Salem, OR
The Grace of God Carl Kinsella April 29, 2017 Salem, OR
How Will Christ Judge the World? John Cafourek October 8, 2016 Salem, OR
Guided by God's Word (Part 1): The Importance of a Strong Foundation Ben Light August 13, 2016 Salem, OR; Eugene, OR; Roseburg, OR
Lessons From Daniel: Do We Fit in or Do We Stand Out? Bruce Hansen June 9, 2018 Salem, OR
The Temptation of Christ (Part 4): Tempting God Ben Light October 30, 2021 Salem, OR
Guided by God's Word (Part 5): Life Eternal Ben Light December 10, 2016 Salem, OR
The State of Your Flocks Ben Light March 11, 2017 Salem, OR
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Cliché’, Tag Line, or Hallowed Carl Kinsella October 5, 2019 Salem, OR
How Important Is the Sacrifice of Christ? John Cafourek April 16, 2016 Salem, OR
How Important Is an Attitude of Gratitude to Almighty God? John Cafourek November 12, 2016 Salem, OR
The Attitude of Obedience ROGER GRISWOLD February 27, 2021 Salem, OR
Choices Richard J Harmon June 6, 2020 Eugene, OR; Roseburg, OR; Salem, OR
What Do You Want on Your Tombstone? Ben Light February 18, 2017 Salem, OR
Not Grumbling, but Gratitude Ed Emery August 8, 2020 Salem, OR