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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
God and Mammon Gregory Czech August 13, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Seven Laws of Success Mike Iiams July 23, 2011 Spokane, WA
Forgiveness: Christ's Edition Oludare Akinbo May 28, 2011 Spokane, WA
Seven Last Sayings of Jesus Christ Mike Iiams April 16, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Body of Christ Gregory Czech March 26, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Power of "i'm Sorry" Mike Iiams January 1, 2011 Spokane, WA
Lead Us Not Into Temptation Gregory Czech December 25, 2010 Spokane, WA
Getting Over It Mike Iiams June 12, 2010 Spokane, WA
Free at Last Gregory Czech April 5, 2010 Spokane, WA
Honor the Lord With Your Substance Gregory Czech September 26, 2009 Spokane, WA
Who Enters God's Kingdom at Christ's Return? Roger Foster September 19, 2009 Spokane, WA
Christ in You: The Hope of Glory Roger Foster September 12, 2009 Spokane, WA
The Only One Mike Iiams August 22, 2009 Spokane, WA
Iron Sharpens Iron Gregory Czech July 25, 2009 Spokane, WA
Knowledge Is Not Enough Perry Miller February 14, 2009 Spokane, WA
The Testimony of Jesus Gregory Czech February 7, 2009 Spokane, WA
Beware of Testosterone and Estrogen Rex Sexton January 17, 2009 Spokane, WA
Envision Yourself in the Kingdom of God Roger Foster November 22, 2008 Spokane, WA
The Potsherds of the Earth Roc Corbett June 8, 2008 Spokane, WA
Spiritual Lessons From the Days of Unleavened Bread Perry Miller April 26, 2008 Spokane, WA