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Our Patience Before God Stan Hopper March 7, 2015 Tulsa, OK
Pride Before Destruction Ed Dowd January 28, 2017 Salina, KS; Tulsa, OK; Wichita, KS
With Healing in His Wings David Nunn September 10, 2018 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Who Am I? Bill Cagle March 14, 2015 Tulsa, OK
Water Baptism and Laying on of Hands Lonnie Johnson February 13, 2016 Tulsa, OK
The Sabbath Shadow Ed Dowd July 2, 2022 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Is Your Heart Healthy? Ed Dowd February 6, 2016 Tulsa, OK
How to Develop Living Faith Jim Mann November 7, 2020 Tulsa, OK
Let's Keep God's Sabbath Holy Ed Dowd June 6, 2015 Tulsa, OK
Salvation From the Old Testament Jim Mann July 25, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
The Promise of Healing: (Part 2) Ed Dowd July 10, 2021 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
The Shepherds in Our Lives Stan Hopper June 28, 2014 Tulsa, OK
The Wave Sheaf Offering Ed Dowd April 30, 2022 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Treasures in Heaven John Elliott November 28, 2015 Tulsa, OK
Understanding the Book of Revelation, Part 1 Mark Welch August 20, 2011 Northwest Arkansas; Tulsa, OK
How Strong and Solid Is Your Foundation? Bill Cagle July 23, 2016 Tulsa, OK
Temperaments Ed Dowd October 23, 2021 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Improving Your Relationship with God and Jesus Christ Mark Welch January 1, 2011 Tulsa, OK
The Final Steps in God’s Plan of Salvation Revealed in the Fall Holy Days Bill Cagle September 3, 2011 Tulsa, OK
Why the World Needs God’s Kingdom Now Mark Welch September 10, 2011 Tulsa, OK