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Who Do You Trust? Randy Urwiller December 2, 2017 East Texas
Three Keys of Worship Randy Urwiller September 8, 2018 East Texas
Biblical Lessons in Dealing With Troubles Randy Urwiller October 24, 2015 East Texas
When Loving Is Not Easy Randy Urwiller March 15, 2014 East Texas
Living God's Truth Randy Urwiller May 20, 2017 East Texas
The Perseverance and Comfort of Job Randy Urwiller December 15, 2018 East Texas
Do You Have a Lion in Your Street? Randy Urwiller December 29, 2018 East Texas
Wisdom Randy Urwiller September 3, 2016 East Texas
Preparing for the Passover Randy Urwiller March 19, 2016 East Texas
When Life Is Not Fair Randy Urwiller October 13, 2018 East Texas
Trust God, Hold Tight Randy Urwiller April 14, 2018 East Texas
Under the Mighty Hand of God Randy Urwiller June 4, 2017 East Texas
Persist With God Randy Urwiller November 7, 2015 East Texas; Milwaukee, WI
Three Reasons Why Prophecy Is Important Randy Urwiller December 26, 2015 East Texas
Walking in the Newness of Life Randy Urwiller April 29, 2016 East Texas
The Fall of Pride Randy Urwiller September 10, 2018 East Texas
Retaining a Repentant Mindset Randy Urwiller May 24, 2015 East Texas