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Appreciating the Gift of Old Age Randy Urwiller June 2, 2018 East Texas
Letting Patience Have Its Perfect Work Randy Urwiller June 8, 2019 East Texas
Are You Remembering Like God Does? Randy Urwiller April 28, 2018 East Texas
Have You Blessed God Today? Randy Urwiller June 10, 2017 East Texas
To Grow You've Got to Sow Randy Urwiller May 19, 2018 East Texas
What Kind of Person Are You? Randy Urwiller July 20, 2019 East Texas
The Time of Your Visitation Randy Urwiller April 22, 2017 East Texas
When Life Is Not Fair Randy Urwiller June 22, 2019 Milwaukee, WI
Remember the Cost of Commitment Randy Urwiller April 8, 2017 East Texas
Do You Want to Be Like Our Heavenly Father? Randy Urwiller August 1, 2015 East Texas
Will God Truly Forgive My Sin? Randy Urwiller March 18, 2017 East Texas
Staying Connected to God Randy Urwiller August 3, 2019 East Texas
Consider Him Who Endured Randy Urwiller April 15, 2017 East Texas
Becoming Better Parents Randy Urwiller June 16, 2018 East Texas
How Do You Love Your Brethren? Randy Urwiller January 12, 2019 East Texas
Preparing Now to Be Leaders Forever Randy Urwiller December 24, 2016 East Texas
The Joy in Repentance Randy Urwiller April 13, 2019 East Texas
Speaking the Light of Truth Randy Urwiller January 6, 2018 East Texas
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Putting Away Our Childishness Randy Urwiller July 22, 2017 East Texas
Will We Be Like Jonah? Randy Urwiller March 30, 2019 East Texas