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Contentment: That Search Inside Us for "It"

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That Search Inside Us for "It"

MP3 Audio (9.17 MB)


Contentment: That Search Inside Us for "It"

MP3 Audio (9.17 MB)

We live in a world full of riches to desire and material wants. Mr. Apartian shows ultimately how fulfillment only comes from God.

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  • Sherrie G
    This sermon is one of those that I will likely listen to more than once. It was a great reminder to focus on the important things in life always being grateful for the blessings that we are given. Life can throw us so many curves, but like Paul, finding contentment in the fact that we are alive and kept by God as His, is enough to be grateful for, everything else is just icing on the cake. Thank you!
  • Daniel Apartian
    Sherrie I just saw these kind comments. Thanks! May God bless you and keep you safe.
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