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Dealing With Guilt

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Dealing with Guilt

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Dealing With Guilt

MP3 Audio (16.9 MB)

How do you handle feelings of guilt? The Passover shows us that guilt is part of our theology. We must learn how to properly deal with actual guilt and the feelings guilt can produce.

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  • jgalick1
    Suppose a man gets a woman pregnant? My thought is that he should marry her.
  • Gary Petty
    Kathleen, All of us struggle with the sadness of past decisions that hurt others. God's mercy allows us to move forward and hopefully be good influence on those we may have hurt in the past. In the end, God can heal all things.
    Excellent sermon Mr. Petty! I understand I'm forgiven by God when I repent. It's not guilt that I have, but sometimes I have overwhelming sadness because of the sins I did commit caused me to make bad decisions that adversely affected my children and in turn my grandchildren.
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